Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rainbow Bread!

For our Farm unit we have been discussing what farms and farm animals supply. We made a circle map and brainstormed all the things that cows gave us..butter, cheese, milk, beef, ice cream etc. We talked about the transportation of milk from cows, to trucks, to stores, to homes/school.  We have also been learning color words. I found this activity on pinterest and I have been wanting to try it out. It was a huge it and the kids ate every bit of their toasted creation!
I used flavored creamer but you can use whatever you have. I chose to use a muffin tin because it's less likely to spill than small bowls.  We used clean/never used small watercolor brushes, food coloring, and white bread. This was an example that I painted.. I couldn't grab my camera fast enough as a I was juggling twenty pieces of toast, a painting station, and two toasters!
One drop of food coloring is all it took to make edible paint!
And of course we read "It Looked Like Spilled Milk!" We also read the story "There's a Goat in the Garden" was about a bee who who although was the smallest of the creatures, he got the goat out of the garden. We added honey to our butter as a tribute and spread it on our rainbow toast!

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