Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pre-K Kandinsky!

I found this art project idea on Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales blog:  Last week students were learning about colors, color words, and mixing colors. We also started on learning our first shape..the circle. Every time they draw or paint a circle now..they sing "A circle is like a ball, a circle is like a ball..round and round, it never stops.. a circle is like a ball!" (to the tune of Farmer in the Dell)

To begin this project..we talked about the artist, Kandinsky. Like Mrs. Goff's lesson.. I held up his "Study of Abstract Squares" and asked students how they felt when they viewed it. The students replied with "happy" and "excited." We had also read a picture book about how colors could make us feel differently. I asked them the shapes that they saw in the painting..and then I went into how Kandinsky used shapes, lines, and colors to make his art. 

Students first folded a piece of paper (with a lot of  teacher assistance!)into six squares.. and then they drew three circles..small, big, bigger, in each square with crayons (pastels would have been better) ..then they used watercolors to draw around and inside the circles.. this was their first experience in pre-k using watercolors.. I loved how careful and focused they were in their art work..and I think the finished products turned out fabulous! 

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