Saturday, February 28, 2015

Seuss felt board

Five days of pure silly-ness awaits us! Are you ready for Seuss week? I had all the colors of felt to make a Lorax scene for our reading center story we are snowed in for the weekend and there is no green to be found in my craft stash for green eggs & ham. Oh dear! I hope we defrost by Monday so I can head back to Michael's craft store. I've stopped there three times last week! Once for Shrinky-Dink paper (Chihuly art project), another time for art show supplies, and the last time was for Truffula pom-pom toppers (which have yet to be constructed)!  Snow or no snow..this wacky week has to go on! : ) 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Seuss inspired games!

It's that time of year again! Time to search for your silly socks, trim your truffula trees, count your Cat in the Hat snacks, and rhyme your way through Seuss week!  Check out last year's Seuss ideas (with photos) here!

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Seuss Week 2015!

Wow! Best Dr. Seuss week yet! Silly socks, wacky hats, funny food... what's not to love?! Check out photos of our silly Seuss week below! 

For Funny Food Friday we enjoyed Truffula Tree Cupcakes, Lorax Juice, Green Eggs and Ham, and Hop on Pop Popcorn! The red and white striped plastic table cloth is from Hobby Lobby and can be reused year after year. The mini easels are from the $1 bins at Michael's Craft Store and serve double use for our school art show. (I  switch out the labels with post-it notes!) These Truffula Tree Cupcakes are super simple to make: Walmart pre-made cupcakes, cut black striped straw, and cotton candy on top!
Our pre-k assistant brought her awesome popcorn maker! We popped the popcorn in class and it turned into a mini science experiment..the kids loved watching the popcorn exciting for pre-k! We served the popcorn in red plastic cups with red/white chevron tissue paper. 

Aren't these Green Eggs and Ham treats so cute?!! The original idea for the "ham" came from here:  The ham is actually Sour Watermelon Mini Peeps! The "eggs" are made from melted white chocolate and green M&M's. 

Lorax Juice! (orange juice, Tang, or Sunny D!) 

There are SO many center ideas and game ideas that can have a Seuss spin!  I incorporate a couple of Seuss books in every center. In ABC's students played letter Go Fish with this toy fishing game (which we also use for our Ocean Study).  I have another copy of One Fish, Two Fish and it's in the math center.  Students played Truffula Tree Rhyming game...see here.  We also had a set of green plastic eggs in ABC center. Students matched up lower case/upper case eggs together. 

Our Horton Hears a Who art! Blue handprints on mini canvases, with a small pom pom, and the words "A Person's a Person No Matter How Small" 

This is a game we played on Silly Hat Day and then had the cards out in ABC center for students to play. First students searched the room for hats during a letter hunt and wrote the letters on white boards. Then, students collected all the hats and brought them to the carpet. We practiced spelling Seuss familiar book titles. I believe the hats were purchased from a craft store. 

We had this snack during the week...Truffula Treats! Students mixed together Trix cereal with Marshmallow Fluff.. super silly, super easy, super sticky, & super good! 

We Seuss-ified our writing center with colorful paper, Seuss vocabulary words, Seuss books, and pencils with colorful pom poms glued to the tops!

Cat in the Hat Sensory Tub - This was actually a last minute idea and I used what I had... red & white unifix cubes, colorful pom poms, mini bucket, and chopsticks with plastic helpers on the end (for fine motor practice). These chopsticks with helpers are great (purchased of Amazon) and we also use them in a Valentine Candy Heart race. 

Our Pre-k assistant in AMAZING!  She hand drew, cut out, and put together  this Thing 1, Thing 2 photo booth that we left out all week long! 

Easy Truffula Tree decorations! ~ Flower bucket, tissue, pool noodle, black tape, and tissue pom pom. I bought the pre-made tissue pom poms from Hobby Lobby...I believe they come three in a back and come in all sorts of colors. They are easy to pull out and make! We've found the trees stand up better with a dowel rod or broom stick inside the pool noodle. I store all the trees in large garbage sacks in my attic until the next silly Seuss week! 

Here we are in our crazy hats!  I hope YOU  had a super fantastic WACKY sillly CRAZY awesome Seuss week!  Check out all of Pre-K tweets Seuss photos, ideas, and games HERE!

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