Saturday, January 23, 2016

Penguin Board Games...Perfect for Winter Math Centers!

Shake, Waddle, & Roll with printable penguin board games by Pre-K Tweets! Enjoy new winter board games with original Pre-K Tweets penguins! Students will have a blast playing these all new dice games & searching the room for number penguins! Click HERE to download!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Pre-K Tweets Products!

Prepping for Valentine's week? Check out Valentine's board games, coloring pages, coupon books, decor, and more in the Pre-K Tweets TPT Shop

Multi-colored Valentine's Treat Tags ~ FREEBIE! Download HERE!  Perfect little circle tags to attach to goody bags..also makes cute cupcake toppers!
Valentine's Day Board Games ~ Printable partner games to keep in your math center or use during Valentine's Day festivities! Download HERE! 

Valentine's Monkey Math Roll & Cover Games PLUS Monkey Numbers! ~ Printable roll & cover game boards to keep in your math center. Use the monkey number cards to sequence, match to stacks of unifix cubes, or use as a number hunt around the room! Download HERE!

Happy Valentine's Day Banner/Bunting ~ Adorable pink heart and chevron bunting to use for your Valentine's Day celebration! Download HERE! 

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages ~ Great activity for morning arrival or early finisher activity! These coloring pages feature original doodles by Pre-K Tweets! Download HERE! 

Valentine's Day Coupon Books ~ Perfect little coupons for students to give to parents! Coupons are in color AND black & white! Blank coupons are included for students to think of their own coupon ideas! Download HERE! 

Krazy Kool Valentine's Cards ~ These cards come in two sizes..use simply as cards, thread through a lollipop, or attach to goody bags!  Download HERE!

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! ...well, almost! I ran across a few of my Valentine photos from past years as I was prepping for this year's event and thought I'd share a few... I'm so glad I rummaged through those Walmart clearance carts the day after Valentine's Day last year! I scored paper supplies and cute banner for this year. Each year we host a Valentine's breakfast and it's such a fun event! 

Students create the table centerpieces and we attach dollar store balloons to them! 
We usually start out eating our breakfast first which consists of Krispy Kreme heart donuts, tator tots, mini eggo waffles, sausage patties, and juice boxes. The hot foods are kept in a warmer on the counter. Students also enjoy fruit kabobs or fruit cups. I love having a breakfast party for Valentine's's usually a much milder event and a nice change from a pizza party! 
After we eat breakfast, we play a game of Valentine Bingo. We play till everyone wins, it is pre-k after all! : ) Prizes include valentine pencils, stickers, or small trinkets. The last activity we do is usually a game or play-doh.  Last year we played a game where students raced to fill paper cups with candy hearts using chop sticks. Our homeroom mom came up with this idea and the kids loved it! This was also great fine motor practice! This year we plan to have red play-doh and heart cookie cutters/rolling pins. Our homeroom mom is making the play-doh and having parents donate the cutters. During our winter party, students ate then played games at stations. During Valentine's festivities I like to do things a little differently.  Play-doh is definitely a class favorite!

These Valentine bags were purchased at Hobby Lobby and bought during one of their discount days. Students bring their Valentine's in and place them in their own cubby. During our rest time, my aide and I fill the bags and staple them shut. With pre-k it's pretty difficult to make sure every person gets a valentine from..well..every person! I've found over the years that this way works best for my fuss. I also pre label the bags and place them on top of their cubbies,..I can simply go down the line and fill the bags up! 
Here's another Valentine bag idea. Students watercolored paper heart doilies then glued them on their red Valentine bag. It was super cute and all the hearts looked different...

Each year the students get to make the Valentine's Day party centerpieces. I absolutely love my crayon melter! I cannot tell you where it's from. It was passed down to me and is so useful on many projects. Melted crayons are just such a different look and the kids love experimenting while swirling the colors. We use cotton q-tips to apply the melted crayons to cardstock hearts. After they dry, which takes just a few seconds, we attach the hearts to small wooden dowel rods. A couple hearts are placed in a mason jar with some filler and voila...cute centerpiece! For filler in the mason jar we've used crumpled colorful paper, tissue paper, crayons, and/or plastic beads. 

We also attach a balloon to the jar. Here's a tip: Have your students peel the crayons for the crayon melter themselves! It's a great arrival activity and helps fine motor skills! 
Here's another great fine motor activity! Yarn wrapped hearts...I bought the wire twine at Hobby Lobby. I cut all the wire about 10-12 inch lengths then bent into heart shapes and twisted them closed at the bottom. Students chose their yarn colors and wrapped and weaved to their "heart's" desire!  We hung them from the window with's such a sweet keepsake and also could be used as a Christmas ornament. 
Valentines Day Broken Hearts: This is a game that could be played during your whole group math lesson or even during your party. I simply cut out construction paper hearts, wrote numeral on one side and drew matching chocolate kisses on the other. I cut the zig zags a little different on each. I scattered the broken hearts all around the room and students worked together to match them up! 

Students pucker up to the frog prince during Valentine's week! Students sit in a whole group circle and pass the frog as music is played. When the music stops..they have to pucker up! : ) : ) : ) It's a silly game and yet such a great time filler! It also is a great game for an opening activity at your Valentine's event!
Our fairy tale unit flows nicely with Valentine's week!  My students love to graph! We graph our favorite fairy tales, characters, and different versions of stories that we like best. We read a few different versions of Princess and the of our projects was this Pucker Up! graph... There were many giggles during this math activity! The original idea for this graph came from:

None of our class parties would be complete without our festive photo booth! Our pre-k assistant, Mrs. B, does a a fantastic job of decorating it to fit our themes! It's been a Seuss booth, 50's car, Christmas booth, and of course a frog kissing station! Parents LOVE receiving photos of their kiddos during the year in the photo booth...this also is a fun activity to do during your Valentine's event!  For photo props, we bought a few foam Valentine cut outs and glued them onto sticks. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Clothing Unit Resources & Ideas!

Gloves, socks, caps, & mittens! It's that time of year again..practicing buttons, zipping zippers, and putting on jackets! Clothing is something students are quite familiar with and therefore makes a great stepping stone into many different ventures about clothing..where it comes it's is it it's different around the world..etc.  

A study on clothing can be tied into any center or interest area.  In previous years, my students have created a clothing store or shoe store in the pretend center to go along with the unit theme and to learn about real world HERE to view. A laundry room is another great pretend center idea. Students can color sort clothes into baskets, practice hanging and ironing, and even washing in paper box washers/dryers.  In the discovery area we set up a provocation with costume books & clothing from around the world books, large paper doll cut outs (similar to gingerbread men), yarn, glue, and scrap fabric and scissors. The math center was very busy with button matching, color sorting, and size sorting. In ABC center students would match upper & lowercase felt clothing letters (pants & shirts) together. In blocks, we had a set of dollhouse dolls with clothes. Students built clothing stores after a virtual tour video we watched about a clothing store. 

See how we integrated art into our clothing unit HERE. Art is a great way to learn about different textures and textiles from around the world! Process art and recycling fit in nicely with this unit study as well! 

Looking for more clothing or laundry unit ideas? Check out these awesome clothing unit resources & ideas below! 

I was given this Cra-Z-Art Spinning Art machine over Christmas and thought it would be a great rainy day activity. While reading A Pocket for Corduroy I was inspired to use it along with our clothing unit! There is a part in the story where an artist draws a sketch of the spinning clothes in the dryer..voila spinner art! This Cra-Z-Art spinning machine is awesome. It comes with pre-cut papers (which we traced to make more) and three paint tubes (which we refilled with regular paint when they ran out). The machine requires 2 C cell batteries. (You could also use a salad spinner if you wanted to do this project manually.) Students LOVED choosing their own colors and watching their creation transform! We also used a popsicle stick to drag the paint through as it was spinning for a cool effect!
Here is the part about the artist sketching the clothes in the dryer!
Spinned dryer art! 
I love this mini laundry basket sorting game by Wild Olive! I haven't tried this game yet but it would make a great math center game. Add a clothespin to the game and students can be working on even more fine motor skills! The laundry baskets are actually pencil cups and I think I actually have some of those in my art cabinet!  
My students loooove bingo! Bingo helps students to practice matching, counting, color identification, listening, fine motor skills, and one-to-one correspondence. I was so excited when I found this set on Etsy. Click here to buy!

Preschool Plan It has an awesome collection of FREE Preschool Clothes Theme ideas for centers & lessons!

Graphs, graphs, and more graphs!  My students enjoy interacting with graphs and especially comparing their likes & dislikes! During our clothing unit we graph types of shoes, colors of clothing, clothing sizes, etc.  Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten  did an emphasis on buttons during her Cats, Buttons, and Colors Unit.  Check out her fun button games, graph, & activities here! 

An ordinary wire shelf from the dollar store makes great fine motor practice! Adaptive Tasks blog had students use clothespins to squeeze and clip paper clothing "to dry." I have two of these racks or shelves out during our clothing unit. We use one to clip and "to dry" the clothes (made out of felt) and the other to weave. Students practice patterning (over, under, over, under) by weaving colorful ribbon scraps through the wires! 

See how my students created their own pretend center clothing store HERE! 

Yarn Block Art - See here how we created these fun prints with items we already had! 

The Preschool Experiment has some very cool laundry themed tray game ideas including an alphabet match game, sock folding tray, washcloth folding activity, clothespin number match game, and more!
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In this class the students muddied up paper pants and then used bubbles to make paper shirts"clean." This idea comes from Doodle Bugs Teaching on Preschool Wonders.