Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall 2014

 Fall is here! ...the smell of a pumpkin spice Scentsy in the of my favorite times of the school year! Here's a couple of photos of this year's set up. Here is the link to last year's set up and room arrangement. 
Discovery center - blank canvas awaiting our fall collage
Finished fall collage.. I am starting something new this year called seasons canvases. On this canvas students tried out collage and color mixing with paints. Our winter canvas might feature some recycled bottle cap art and more color mixing with winter colors!
Blocks area - variety of blocks, pumpkins from Goodwill, felt puppet tree from a garage sale, a silo toy, and loose parts (sunflowers & fake leaves). 
Our Owl art with fake leaves for wings and cupcake papers for eyes. 
Our marbled leaves in another area of the Discovery center. 
Marbled leaves were super simple to do..a little messy though! Next year I will invest in a squeegee.  Drip some paints into a container of shaving cream. I used a turkey roasting pan so I could just throw it away. Then, swirl the paints with  a paintbrush. Lay the paper cut out leaf on top then take it off. Drag a squeegee or piece of cardboard over the leaf to remove the excess and let dry.   

Discovery center table - life cycle charts, fake pumpkins, fake leaves.
Sensory tub - farm animals, apples, and green peas

Math center -  I picked up a really cute color/counting squirrel and nut game from Target this weekend!

Reading area - fall/farm books and a scarecrow felt board
ABC area - abc games, fall books, corn letter seek bottle, and fall decor from Goodwill

Pretend center - fall market with pumpkins galore, pumpkin pie, corn, and apples, oh and a cash register and fall books!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Mega Pack!

Check out the new Fantastic Fall mega pack in Pre-K Tweets TPT shop! This pack includes vocabulary, math/literacy games, and even fall themed calendar cards...on sale now!