Monday, November 11, 2013

Artist Study: Dale Chihuly

We are studying artist, Dale Chihuly, who blows glass into abstract 3D shapes! We viewed Chihuly’s art on our Smartboard and watched a video clip of the stages of glass blowing.  We discovered how the air and heat changes the shape of the glass. We also learned that sand and heat combine to create glass. We described what Chihuly’s glass shapes looked like to us. Some of us thought the sculptures looked like flowers, sea creatures, or even giant snakes!

We used the Chihuly app and our breath to blow glass art on an iPhone. We compared the sizes of the “Macchia” and “Flori” shapes.  Chihuly’s use of bright colors inspired us while creating our own “Macchias.”  First, we colored coffee filters with markers. Next, we used our fine motor muscles to squeeze and spray water on our art!  We observed how the water caused the ink to run and create new spontaneous designs and colorssimilar to Chihuly’s art! We placed our colorful filters on cups to dry. We used our creative expression to place our Macchias together wherever we thought would look best.

If you would like to learn more about blown glass visit or The Oklahoma City Museum of Art, where a Chihuly glass art gallery is currently on display!

Here is a video that shows how glass is blown into shapes! 

Check out this free Chihuly iPhone app that allows you to blow into the microphone to create blown glass art! 

Design, create, and blow glass sculptures online! Click here!