Friday, August 10, 2012

new room!

Well..I am finally moved into my new classroom! Hoorayyy!! Construction ended the day before parent preview another pre-k teacher and I had less than 24 hours to move in and set up our rooms to at least make them presentable! (don't look in the closets!) There is still more organizing to do but thankfully the first week has gone REALLY well!!
The new furniture arrived!  And centers are arranged!
I added an ABC center this year.
I love my teacher area..(the fridge is wayyy too convenient..haha) and I love the small group table. The built in cabinets are amazing! (from top to bottom: math and literacy manipulatives, books baskets organized by category, pretend center storage, science and sensory tubs. 
In the corner will be the science center.. one of my favorite centers! I will probably introduce it in a few weeks.
I bought all the rugs from Ross and Big Lots!
This is our reading center.  It is pretty empty for the first few weeks of school.. Pretty soon it will have more puppets, felt board, listening station, and more books
The left shelf is the ABC center..the right shelf is the math center. This photo was taken before I decided what activities I was planning to use in each center. Now the shelves hold plastic trays for games and activities. Pink trays for ABC and lime green for math. I also have coordinating cups on each tray that hold game pieces for the activity such as pattern blocks, ABC magnets, etc.  Students take out one tray and complete the activity at the table. This system worked so well last year! I made the alphabet chart on the wall..I will move it somewhere soon as the...SMARTBOARD! arrives! :)

As of today..I now have doors on the bathrooms instead of my temporary curtains. I love having the sinks and bathroom in the room!  The sinks are convenient for washing out paint brushes and cooking projects.
One rectangle table is for art projects, the other is for writing, and then there is the sensory table..puzzles center is the square table in front of the book shelves. I have a plastic table cloth covering my blocks center until I get crafty and make some cute curtains.
home sweet home!