Saturday, September 22, 2012


This week we've started our unit on textures...with the overall theme still being "farm."  We read the book "Stuck in the Mud" and other mud themed books and felt slimy textures (soap, gak slime) ..then students finger painted a muddy pig. As they were painting, I tried to capture the words they used to describe what they felt..we then discussed reviewed our describing and texture words.  
Science center this week -  We have been collecting nature items and talking about other texture words such as bumpy, smooth, hard, soft..etc.  I had one student bring in some snake skin..that kids thought that was pretty cool..then that led into a discussion about animal textures..scales, fur..feathers..rough, soft.."  I made some texture cards out of scrap cardboard for students to feel  (crumpled tinfoil - bumpy, tinfoil - smooth, cotton - soft, corrugated cardboard - bumpy, lace - rough, felt/fleece - soft, sand - rough).  
Science center activity -  At the beginning of our texture unit students learned the words hard and soft. They felt the textures, said the words, and placed items in sorting rings in our share square group time.  I then replaced the sorting rings with bowls and a tray and it is now in our science center as an activity.  It has been a very popular tray so far! 
The bowls were 2 for $1 in the Target dollar aisle.. they are a new item so they should still be available.. I also bought some cute scarecrow bowls!

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