Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Games!

Aren't these chicks ADORABLE?!! They came in a pack of six from Dollar Tree.  Students can identify and/or count and fill the chick eggs with the correct number of beads. I have about 20 felt flower buckets that were recently bought at Goodwill! I have seen some translucent carrot shaped eggs..vegetable/garden unit game? I might have to go back for those!
Here is an ABC upper/lower case match game..there were 24 eggs in the pack from Dollar Tree.
I made this folder game a few years ago and it has held up quite nicely (despite one beakless bird!) It's a traditional roll'em, count'em path game.  
Perfect rainy day or math center game for April!  I have a total of four mats...1-4 students can play this game each with a mat...OR two people can play on one mat (object would be just to fill up the whole mat together).  
again...TARGET DOLLAR AISLE!  : )  These are perfect game piece holders for our upcoming Hungry Caterpillar unit! 
Paper pads and bulletin board cut-outs to make into more spring vocab..purchased from Apple Tree!
A teacher friend of mine introduced me to "Smellies!"  A student reward, a smear of smell good chap stick on their hand, that is inexpensive and last a long time!  The kids love it!  Chap stick is reminding me of something one of my students replied back to me when I asked her to put away her own chap stick.."But Mrs. M, I'm just gonna keep it in my pocket, so it's close, 'cause I might need it to chap my lips later."  : )

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  1. I love the new giant sizes of flavored lip balm that you can find now. But, even as big as they are I go through them way to fast. lol I will have to look for the Bazooka smellie. Your games are very cute!!!!!!!!!