Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Michaels dollar bins!

I thought these cute animal masks would be perfect for story retelling for our upcoming zoo unit!   I picked them up in the dollar bins at Michaels craft store this week. I'm thinking of going back for a couple cool would it be for some interactive addition and subtraction problems?! ..OR sing-a-longs..wish they had monkeys for "swinging from the tree/jumpin' on the bed."

Here are a few poems/songs I have found for zoo animals:

Five Big Elephants
Five big elephants - oh, what a sight,

Swinging their trunks from left to right!
Four are followers, and one is the king.
They all walk around in the circus ring!

The Zoo 
At the zoo we saw a bear 

He had long, dark fuzzy hair 
  pretend to walk etc. like a bear

We saw a lion in a cage. 

He was in an awful rage. 
  pretend to be a angry lion

We saw the big, long-necked giraffe, 

And the silly monkeys made us laugh 
   everybody laugh

But my favorite animal at the zoo 

Is the elephant--how about you?

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