Friday, March 15, 2013

Shopping finds!

I bought these CUUUTE felt monster puppets half price at Michaels craft store today..5 bucks total for all!   I'm going to use them next year to go along with the book "Glad Monster, Sad Monster" Here is a cute fingerplay I found to go with these puppets:

If I were a happy monster, I'd go ha, ha, ha!
If I were a sad monster, I'd go boo, hoo, hoo.
If I were a mad monster, I'd go stomp, stomp, stomp!
If I were a scared monster, I'd go AAHH! AAHH! AAHH!
But I'm just me, you see, so I'll go (sound or action child's choice)

Here is a link some monster feelings activities my class did a few week ago:

Also, along with mirrors and self portraits, I thought it would be fun to show the video clip: "Monster in the Mirror" from Sesame Street next year on the Smartboard! 

I picked up these tubs at Dollar Tree today... The blue one is big enough for a new sub tub..hmmm..maybe with some yellow and white polka dot ribbon?! ..and I already have green, pink, blue mini tubs..but this was the first time I've seen the bright orange! 
more finger lights!!! (found at Cracker Barrel in the 50% off section!) These are awesome for the reading center for students to "search" for letters...also can be used in ABC or Math for "tracing" letters and numbers! ..could go well with a robot unit! 

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