Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little things that make me happy...

#1 - Morning Meeting!  A time to dance, sing, annnnd shake our sillies out! Our morning time also includes our pledges, school creed, calendar, and weather graphing.
#2 - Chevron!  No matter how hard I try to have my classroom have the natural look..I can't shake the chevron! This happy little can sits right on our parent sign in station. PTA gave our class a donut party for collecting the most box tops! We were quite excited! : ) 
# 3 - Conscious Discipline! This is our "safe spot." Students can regulate their own emotions by doing breathing techniques and choosing calming activities. 
#4 - Art!  - A couple of teachers in my building started doing these group color canvases. We had to join in on the fun! Each student contributed one item to each canvas. They are so fun to look at and brighten my day! 
#5 - This happy little hoot owl given to me by my AMAZING pre-k aide!  I love owls and he just cheers me up!..and so does my aide..she makes me laugh all day long and the kids adore her! Thanks Mrs. B!

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