Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Room Tour! - 2013 (Part 1)

Here's an update for ya! I moved into my new classroom in August days before school started. It is now October (!!!) and I finally have my classroom pretty much arranged/organized to how I want it. I have less shelves than last year and our school is going for a more natural I am slowly weeding out my lime green/hot pink things and replacing them with neutral colors and baskets. My only problem now is, when I buy something,  have to decide whether I want the new item for my classroom or my house. I love baskets and my house is decorated in neutral colors! 
This is our sensory center. In my previous classroom I had a whole sensory tub/table. This year I don't have one for my classroom (we do have some for outside sand/water play) I found this shallow tub at Target and set it on a low table. (Works great!)  Currently the tub is filled with oatmeal, fall scents, apples, pumpkins, shovels, measuring cups, farm animals, and plastic alphabet letters. 
Above our sensory table is our pumpkin patch!  For a math activity, students had to draw a large circle, cut it out, and practice measuring
height/width with unifix cubes! They did AWESOME!
I love all the variations of their pumpkin sizes! 
Our ABC center! 
In our ABC center we have: Alphabet books, magnadoodles, highway letters with matchbox cars, a magnet letter match game, upper/lower case letter matching popsicles, Handwriting Without Tears wood pieces, an Apple Pie letter match game, alphabet bead stringing..
Alphabet letter stringing: I have a ton of pipe cleaners and this is a great way to use them up!  I change out the pipe cleaner colors with the seasons. The ABC beads are from a craft store. Students can practice spelling their name or words from vocab. cards!
...we also have a variety of writing utensils (including melted crayon hearts, pencils, colored pencils, skinny markers), paper, old keyboard, name cards, dry erase boards, stencils for story writing, mini mailbox,  wikki stix, and mini alphabet board books!
Birthday bags..they are finally up!  Some of my co-teachers have some adorable hanging birthday bags! We use these to sing the months of the year.  I covered reg. brown gift bags with scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. The book of scrapbook paper included all these fun rustic chevron prints!
This collage art is not in our room..but just outside our door.  We call them our "Fall Trees."  Students chose what items and how many items to glue on..and where! 

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  1. I am in LOVE with all of your stuff! I start teaching Pre-K on Monday and have been reading all of your blog!

    1. Thank you SO much Brianna! I am hoping to connect and share ideas with other pre-k teachers out there! We start back in about a week and a half... I'm so excited to get back into my classroom!

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