Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Leave room in your garden for the fairies to dance!

Fairy gardens, gnome homes, and dollhouse miniatures...I love them all! I've always wanted a fairy garden of my very own. I'd seen them in magazines and on Pinterest. We had our front garden redone, it was spring, I was teaching about gardening at school, and I was suddenly in a flowery mood! I passed by a display of fairy garden miniatures at Big Lots and knew I just had to have them! Tea sets, picket fences, windmills..miniatures galore! It was hard to choose but I settled on a garden gate, wishing well, picnic table, and bakery house.  The big barrel looking pot is actually plastic and is from Big Lots as well. 

Here's lovable Lucy lending a helpful hand (or paw)! I used a few potted plants I received as teacher gifts, Easter tulips that were given to me, and a rosemary plant. I just love rosemary and use it in my chicken and potato recipes! I took photos throughout the process and shared about my weekend gardening project with my pre-k friends. I also brought in my gardening tools to show. A few of my students had fairy gardens of their very own and we shared photos on the Smartboard. 

This is a pretty pink brightens up the scene!

Here is one of the miniatures I chose..a wishing well! My Nana had a wishing well near her pond and this reminds me of it. I also placed a few variations of moss on top of the dirt.

If I were a fairy or gnome, 
I'd want to live here, wouldn't you?

I love seeing my little whimsical garden through my back porch patio window!

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