Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pre-K, Pre-K...what do YOU see?

It all started with introducing one of our new art materials...paint daubers!  I love how this project turned out and how documenting student work through questioning allowed us to see what THEY see and what is being learned! My lovely new assistant provided us with the daubers that she got for free! Students were asked questions like "Tell me about your art? (Using describing words, vocabulary, and complete sentences!!) How did you make did you start?  (higher level thinking and intro. to sequencing!!!!) What happens when? (cause and effect!)" ...a little giddy here.. :) I took some photo documentation of students focusing on their art..sharing..mixing colors..etc. I love to sneak a photo of them when they're not watching! :) The art was also matted..I remember my art teacher that I had from kindergarten to third grade..she always matted our matter how simple it was..It made me feel important and that I was a true artist! Documentation is great for keeping in student portfolios to re-visit with students and to show at conferences.  


We had a chat about how colors make us feel! I love to see their new knowledge shine!

bet you didn't see that coming! 


We have been singing square and circle songs lately! 
I see it now..can YOU?

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