Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Shopping Finds!

I found these handmade wooden tops at a local flea market called Persimmon Hollow.  The man who carved these also carves all kinds of handmade wooden toys including cars and trains..I would love to go back and buy the train set for my blocks area.  Wouldn't these tops be great to pull out on a rainy day? I could imagine how students would contemplate trying to make their tops go faster or even spin longer..or what surfaces they spin on best!  Great for fine motor too!  He carves small and large tops..the small are $1 and the large are $2
I ran across these ABC and mosaic tiles in Michael's craft store....I think they would be fun to use on a light table!  
I picked up these old cell phones at a garage sale...perfect to enhance communication skills in pretend center...I had a few last year and the kids loved them! I think I will use these  when  I start incorporating the Highscope "Plan, Do, Review" process! Can't wait! 
I also want to incorporate more practical life actiivties/trays.  I found this garlic press and citrus squeezer at Dollar Tree!  Set out a tray with an empty bowl, a bowl of water, some cut up sponges and these squeezers..  or use an ice cube tray! I saw this idea on Counting Coconuts blog to one correspondence, counting, fine motor, practical life skills!

Check out my pinboard for more practical life activities:

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