Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Blocks, Pretend, and Reading Centers!

We are starting our gardening unit this week! In our blocks center we have gardening tools, gloves, watering cans, pots, and flowers, insect/plant books, and ..of course... blocks/block people.  
These pretend play items and books  might inspire students to plan and design their own gardens...students might use blocks as fences, flower boxes, or outline their gardens...
The pretend center is now a garden market!  It contains garden vegetables and a variety of flowers...
Vocab, chalk, mini chalkboard plant markers (Michaels dollar bins) encourage writing.. 

Students may write their own labels or prices on mini chalkboards (Michaels craft store). The plant stand is actually a magazine rack from my living room!  

I used actual pictures from my honeymoon when we visited a farmer's market in Quebec!
The reading center contains large spiders (Halloween sale at a party store),  a large caterpillar/butterfly puppet, ladybug puppets, artificial flowers, garden felt board for creating stories and retelling familiar stories. I included informational and fiction books about bugs/insects, spring, and gardens. 

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