Sunday, April 22, 2012

Math Tubs and April Centers

We recently started our math groups...and they are going great!  The kids are divided into color groups (red group, green group, etc.) I have 5 groups and 5 shoe boxes. 4 kids are in each group. Each shoe box has a cute coordinating colored owl label I made. The image is from the internet and then I did the text, frame, and colors in photoshop. I laminated them and used velcro to attach to shoe boxes. 
We have practiced a lot of graphing lately. We have graphed things from stories we've read, our likes and dislikes, Last week we studied Eric Carle/Insects...I had a mason jar with plastic insects and we estimated then counted the insects daily...we then compared the results at the end of the week.  One of the math tub games for this week was a pattern block graphing game.  The students had to flick the spinner (q-tip stick/paperclip) and then graph/fill in the shape they landed on.  Instead of laminating, I used a plastic page protector.
This print out was free from:
This set on teachers pay teachers is great because it also comes with other activities such as a shape tally..We've been doing a daily tally that goes along with our date/number of the day.

This is a big/little number dice roll game.  Students roll two dice then write the bigger number under the big frog, and the smaller number under the small frog.  They did very well! This was also free and it is from:
I can change the clip art and make it a new game. 

I'm not a fan of worksheets but since we've been studying flower gardens this week ..and honeybees...I made this into a math tub.  It consists of 6 honeybee pages..inserted into plastic page protectors... finish the pattern, circle how many, math to the correct number or size.  My assistant takes one group out in the hall and I stay in the classroom and monitor, assess, and help with the games.
My assistant played this game with one of the groups. 
It is free from:
The students have to match the number on the dice card, to the written number, to the number symbol, and to the tally.
At the end, they practice writing a number in three different ways. The free download comes with that sheet also. 
This is a roll, color, count game I found for free from:
Here is one of our new centers..teacher pretend!  They LOVE this center. They get to use the teacher pointer, listen to ABC Disco or Learning Letter Sounds, and write on the board.  I made each letter on the alphabet on photoshop and found images on the internet..once I figure out how to provide a download, I will post it... I made the calendar number cards on photoshop also..they are chicks and bunnies for April.  Every morning we do our pattern calendar, write and tally the number, introduce our "Friend of the Day" with name cheer and handwriting name practice,  graph the weather, and sing!
Here is a photo from another one of our centers this week.. I have a sand table that has pots, dirt, rocks, and flowers...and then I have another sensory table for our "water garden." It consists of foam lily pads, flowers, colored rocks, jewel stones, frogs, and ducks. We toured our school's garden courtyard that had lilies, lily pads, daffodils, irises, frogs, turtles, and fish!!  I need to go take some photos of that is AMAZING! We read a children's book about Claude Monet this week..and then drew water garden lilies, fish, turtles, flowers with crayons and watercolored over it.  They are beautiful and are hanging above our sensory tables.  Will post photos soon!
Another center this week was flower shop... I had some left over wedding flowers and added some dollar store daises.some plastic cups from home for vases... ribbon...tissue register.. they had a lot of fun in this center! Pinterest has a lot of great vocab. that I've been using with each theme in the centers. 

Last week we were learning about insects..this week we are learning about flower gardens.  So we tied the two together and completed a pollination experiment/study.  We read "Where there's a Bear, there's trouble" and read "Number Bees."  We did our experiment with cheese balls instead of cheetos and they were so excited! Idea and above photo is from pinterest and little kinder warriors.

Another exciting thing has happened this week... I bought my car!  It is a Nissan Xterra and I am loving it!  It is especially great because I've been using it to haul stuff to school!  Aren't these butterflies cool!!?? I bought them at Ross for $4.99 each!! I am going to hang them from the ceiling in my science center next year. 

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